Grandma T’s Homes was founded in April 2016. The founding and current Board of Directors consists of President – Terri Belcourt, Vice-President and Secretary – Holly Tallon-Dyck and Treasurer – Debbie Wong. The purchase of the home was financed through a personal line of credit and mortgage secured by the three founding board members. Financial support for start up expenses and ongoing programming will be obtained through solicitation of donations – both financial and in-kind.

Grandma T’s Homes is named after Terri and Holly’s inspiring Grandma T (Theresa Tallon) who was a long-time resident of the Lafleche area. Grandma T was a woman who never let stereotypes drive her life decisions. In the 1940’s she established herself as a career woman first and waited to start her family until she was in her late 30’s. She lived life with humor, hard work and dedication to her family. As her grandchildren, we were always excited to go to Grandma T’s house as we were always met with open arms. All were welcome in her home, and we hope to continue that tradition and spirit at Grandma T’s.