Why We Exist

Why are we in business? What is the problem we are trying to resolve?

Recruitment of health care providers into rural areas of Saskatchewan is a long standing problem. As an example, there are many open RN positions throughout the province, including Five Hills Health Region. At the same time, nursing schools are having difficulty finding appropriate practicum placements for nursing students. Research tells us that nursing students who have positive rural practicum experiences are more likely to return to the area to begin their careers. So it makes sense to have more nursing students complete practicums in rural areas, right? Right, except moving to a rural area and setting up a short-term home is not feasible for many students since practicum placements are only for several weeks at a time.

So the problem is how are students who are interested in rural nursing matched with a low-cost, low-maintenance housing option? This is where Grandma T’s Homes comes in. Grandma T’s Homes’ mission is to remove the housing barrier and to provide a home-like setting for students. By promoting rural nursing education by offering a place for students to stay, Grandma T’s Homes will also promote the recruitment of registered nurses in rural Saskatchewan.